Festival Promotion

It’s hard to count the number of reasons it’s great living in the Wilmington area. We have multiple beach communities, a beautiful downtown and riverfront, ample farmers’ markets and a vibrant business community.

We also have a plethora of quality festivals. This is in addition to the large events like Azalea Festival or RiverFest. The area hosts many unique festivals each with their own charms and personalities.

There’s the NC Spot Festival out of Hampstead, the Seafood, Blues and Jazz Festival on Pleasure Island, and the Port City RibFest, only to name a few.

Just as there are a wide range of festivals, there are seemingly endless avenues to go about promoting your festival to the public. This can make limited budgets feel even smaller and your marketing efforts feel pulled in too many directions.

Sometimes you need an economy advertisement production that’s still fun and captures the spirit of your event. I can offer quick turnarounds on creative commercial solutions that need to rely heavily on stock elements.

Remember the best time to get footage and photos to help promote your annual event is the previous year’s festival! Make sure to acquire new video each year. It can also serve a dual purpose as it can give you material to share on social media while that event is ongoing.

Here are two spots I produced, for the North Carolina Blueberry Festival in Burgaw, and the Autumn With Topsail Festival in Topsail Beach.

Please contact me if you want some relief for your marketing challenges.

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