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I co-host and produce a podcast out of Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s something of a labor of love. When people ask me their opinion on starting their own podcast, I say that there are more podcasts being produced than people listening to them. Even though this can’t be true, it definitely feels that way sometimes.

The actual answer is if it’s something you think might enrich your life, help you hone new skills, or even promote your business, of course give it a shot. But if you’re expecting a built-in audience you should be prepared for the challenges in getting noticed in what is still a somewhat niche media marketplace.

In this episode of our podcast we talk to Frankie Robert onsite at his non-profit LINC’s Urban Farm. It’s a place where recently released convicts get a chance to reconnect with society and freedom in a rewarding environment.

It was an enriching conversation to have, which might never have happened if I hadn’t followed the seemingly silly idea to try to get a podcast off the ground.

With a background in video production, many of those skills have a solid overlap in the world of podcast production. But there are some technical tricks of the trade, including maintaining reliable media hosting and a customized RSS feed, which are more specialized.

Podcasts are a versatile format, and I’ve seen them used effectively in corporate environments and specialized industries.

If you have any podcast production or consulting questions contact me and I’d love to help you out.

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