Video Beats PowerPoint

This year I worked with a startup trying to get an experimental idea off the ground. It involved trying to build an open network of podcasts and aggregating their audiences by topic and geography. The idea was to offer more traditional advertising agency services for these availabilities, placing ads directly rather than relying on a platform to inject those ads.

Not all experiments works out. But I did learn some interesting industry insights in the process.

One of the challenges was pitching the business ideas to both podcasters and potential advertisers. With a small team you can’t do in-person pitches to everyone. This is a video presentation I produced that was adapted from a PowerPoint deck to help serve as supplemental marketing materials to present to decision makers.

Personal meetings have huge value in sales, but video can help bolster your branding and serve as a foot in the door when you’re working on new leads.

I’d like to put video skill to work for you, reach out to me if you have a project or business that needs branding or sales materials produced.

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