Flat Design Fun

What is flat design? It’s an art style you’ve probably seen but maybe didn’t know the name for. It’s a minimalist, two-dimensional illustration and animation style, sometimes known for use of bright color schemes.

It’s a graphic design skill I’ve honed over time, largely because I enjoy creating this style of artwork. It’s fun and casual and is great for memorable animated gifs, branding concepts and informational themed videos.

Below are two projects in this style. The first is part of a YouTube series I have in development which is similar to the popular Kurzgesagt channel.

The second video presents two bumper animations I created for a friend’s mattress business, Sleep Ninjas. They had an existing company mascot whose design was well suited for this style of animation.

This length of video can work well as short advertisement, but can also serve as bumper material which might appear on the front end of a YouTube video ad, or as a closing slate on a longer piece.

They were designed so that the trailing six seconds of each version could also be used as an even shorter preroll bumper. Sometimes you only have six seconds to catch someone’s attention before they are tempted by the Skip Ad button.

If you’re looking to commission either design or animation work in the flat design style reach out to me and let’s get creating!

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